May 26-31, 2011
Prague Yakers
Sponsor: Czech Pilots

 May 5, 2011
Feast of the Infant Jesus of Prague

 November 17, 2010
International Martial Arts Exhibition

 May 4, 2010
Children Art Competition
Feast of the Infant Jesus of Prague

 September 17-20, 2009
4th European Regional Assembly 
"Keeping Alive the Friendship of Rizal and Blumentritt

 Prague Chapter InstallationSeptember 17-20, 2009



"Non Omnis Moriar"

Knights of Rizal
 is an Order of Brotherhood  that recognizes the universaliity of man. 
Rizalism is the  philosophy from which the members of the Knights of Rizal are inspired.  

“A life which is not consecrated to a great ideal is like a stone wasted in the field never to become a part of an edifice"

"God has not made anything useless in this world, as all beings fulfill a role in this sublime drama of creation..."

"The Pen is mightier than the sword"

"Men are born equal, naked and without chains, They were not created by God to be enslaved, neither were they endowed with intelligence in order to be misled, nor adorned with reason to be fooled by others, It is not pride to refuse to worship a fellow man, to enlighten the mind, and to reason out everything. The arrogant one is he who wants to be worshipped, who misleads others, and who wants his will to prevail over reason and justice."

Jose Rizal


 MILESTONE 2009-2010
Knights of Rizal in Czech Republic

 MILESTONE 2007 -2008
Knights of Rizal in Czech Republic