The Order maintains a year-round program of activities on international, national, regional or chapter level that support programs that promote understanding and friendship between the Czech Republic and the Philippines. We participate in activities in the Arts & Entertainment, in the Trade and Tourism including publishing and promotion of Books written about or based on the philosophies of Rizal; and, books about the relationship of the Philippines and the Czech Republic.


We sponsor cultural activities and give awards to outstanding citizens for achievements in the arts and sciences, the professions, industry, agriculture and the promotion of international understanding.

We organize annual programs in honor of Rizal such as June 19 (birth anniversary) and December 30 commemorating his martyrdom;

We organize institutional chapters and organizations under the auspices of the local chapter;

We help organize auxiliary units composed of women civic leaders who may function as counterpart organizations of the local chapter;



Established October 30, 2007


Established June 30, 2008